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Annual Book Performance Report, which shows the number of chapter downloads in 2015 - Solar Lighting
Annual Book Performance Report 2015 - Solar lighting
Recent Publications, July 2013
Recent Publications, July 2013
Unavailability of grid based electricity is a major challenge facing in majority of developing countries, particularly the population in rural areas. Consequently, people are forced to use the kerosene lantern in much of the world for lighting. However, fuel based lighting is contributing to global warming and causes serious health related problems. To address these issues, several developing countries are now encouraging to use sustainable clean lighting systems - solar powered Lighting emitting diode system.
Solar Powered LED Lighting
White organic light-emitting devices (WOLEDs) are acquiring the mainstream position in the field of organic displays owing to their potential use in solid state lighting, full color displays, and back lighting. High brightness at low current density, high luminance and luminous efficiencies, stable spectral characteristics, lifetime stability against moisture, no change in spectral emission due to cathode change or electron injection layer, etc. are essential requirements from the manufacturing perspective. However, chemical composition variations, thickness variations, variations in electron- and hole-injecting properties, and so forth influence these requirements. Thus, it is desirable to obtain i) the formulation of white OLEDs robust to these variations, ii) low power consumption format, and iii) cost competitive formulation by modifying anode processing, ETL materials and encapsulation technique.
Professor Ramchandra Pode
Department of Physics, Kyung Hee University, Seoul Campus, 1Hoegi-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul 130-701, Republic of Korea
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